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Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is such an exciting day in your life!

You are about to marry the one you love. You are on your journey to forever.

That journey starts with a wedding. Who wants to look gorgeous on your wedding?

You of course and we will help you to shine when you will walk down the aisle.


At, we selected the best cosmetics brands and the most qualified and experienced make-up & hair artists. We have everything you need.


Are you the natural no-nonsense type that never wears make up? We advise you a professional for a "natural make up".


Probably you already found a wedding gown. Maybe you hired a professional photographer.

Photographs are forever and can be viewed many years later.

Professionally applied make-up stays the whole day and completes the picture.

We come on location as our make-up & hair artists are active throughout Belgium.


We want you to be happy. We guarantee that the test session continues until you are 100% satisfied.


Make an appointment for the trial session.

During this session the make-up & hair artist will design your bridal make-up and hairstyle completely according to your wishes.


The end result will be photographed and put in a make-up schedule. 

No more unpleasant surprises on the big day: everything will run smoothly on your wedding day.  The same make-up & hair artist of the as during the test session will visit you on location. They will transform you into a fantastic bride!


  • Bridal makeup at home (including trial @ Beauty Studio): 175€

  • Bridal makeup and bridal hairstyle at home (including trial @ Beauty Studio): 265€

  • Bridal make-up (including trial make-up at home): 225€

  • Bridal makeup and bridal hairstyle at home (including home test): 315€

  • Make up guests (per person): 50€

  • Haircut guests (per person): 50€

  • Make-up and haircut guests (per person): 90€

  • Transport costs: 0.35€/km


When booking your wedding arrangement, an advance payment is requested on our services.


Please reserve on time! All prices are including 21% VAT

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